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five countiecounties, and the ne hours could be critical. >>> and a rerows welcome in washington from republicans, but will he be the democrats' worst enemy? our cameras are there as scott brown makes his d.c. debut. >>> hundreds of survivors, many orphans, are near death this morning. doctors, unable to get their hands on basic medical supplies to save them. another aftershock rattling port-au-prince over night. no reports of injuries, no significant damage, just a lot of rattled nerves, an ambitious task set to begin in a week, and it's a logistical nightmare, the relocation of 400,000 homeless haitians to newly-built settlements on the outskirts of the capital. and stunning images showing the earthquake's sheer force. time-lapsed photos of the government's tax office the moment that it came tumbling down. >> there's also a critical development this morning altogether the main harbor in port-au-prince, inspiring much needed hope. the pier has been repaired. it's far from fully functional, but life-saving food and medical supplies can now be unloaded by sea. chris lawrence is li
saying he won't run in the fall either. dana bash joins us from washington. what led to senator dodd's decision not to seek re-election? >> reporter: a very, very tough re-election battle ahead, that's really the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace
legislation passes in washington. >> and how would you like to be martha coakley this morning, jim? >> reporter: absolutely. she was -- according to some of the polling here, john, 30 points ahead in this race. 15 points ahead just in the last couple of weeks of this campaign. as we mentioned yesterday, we talked to one top democratic strategist from washington who was brought in to help rescue this campaign who told us that they were very upset down in washington that martha coakley went on vacation over the holidays instead of staying and campaigning for the senate seat. there are obviously going to be lots of postmortems about this race. she said the president called her and said, you know, we can't win them all. well, president obama knows that all too well. he campaigned side by side with creigh deeds in that governor's race in virginia, he lost there. he campaigned side by side with jon corzine in new jersey, lost there. then in the final days, the president came to massachusetts, campaigned side by side with martha coakley and went 0-3, john. >> i guess all you can say this
have been ordered to shut down too. allan chernoff is in washington this morning. a drastic move by toyota, 57% of the autos it makes, it's really an extraordinary number. >> reporter: absolutely, it is exceptional, john. these are vehicles that the company recalled six days ago, recalling, well, that's a pretty common step. but to take them off the market? absolutely exceptional. toyota is putting a not for sale sign on some of the most popular vehicles in america. eight models are affected, all were recalled just six days ago because the accelerator can get stuck in a partly depressed position, or it may return too slowly to an idle position. >> it's so unusual, it's not just a recall, which is expensive, they're actually going to stop selling some of their most popular models. >> reporter: the rav 46789, corolla, matrix, highlander, tundra and is a coy ya. in a statement, toyota said helping ensure the confidence in toyota are very important to our company, this action is necessary until a remedy is finalized. all of the vehicles are made in north america. plants in indiana, t
director from now on special cables to washington about suspicious people must also indicate whether that person has a u.s. visa like the suspect in this case did. and president obama will meet next week with officials involved in the review of what went wrong. the president has ordered a review of intelligence and travel procedures aiming to protect against future terror attacks. >> first to the suspected links between the alleged bomber and a radical cleric in yemen. investigators are digging into contacts they say umar farouk abdulmutallab had with that cleric anwar al awlaki. the same man involved with the suspect in ft. hood. here's jeanne meserve. >> reporter: a u.s. counterterrorism fushl says there are indications there was direct contact between the alleged detroit bomber, umar farouk abdulmutallab, and the radical yemen-based imam anwar al awlaki, but officials are still evaluating if al awlaki had a direct role in the detroit plot. the official could not comment on the nature of the communications or contacts between the men, how frequent they were, or when they occurred.
returns to washington, there are upped concerns about terrorism and homeland security after the christmas day foiled bomb plot. jim acosta following all that for us live in washington. so a bit of a reset as the president heads back to the white house. >> reporter: that's right, kiran. after all that controversy following homeland security secretary janet napolitano that security worked, the administration is putting a different face on what they call the war on al qaeda. john brennan had plenty to say from yemen to dick cheney to osama bin laden. >> all those involved in the attempted act on trirm on christmas must know you, too, will be held to account. >> reporter: president obama is starting 2010 confronting a cold reality. al qaeda has established a new strong hold in yemen where the white house now believes trichlts plotted with umar farouk abdulmutallab to blow up flight 253 on christmas day. nearly a decade after the bombing of the "uss cole," the embassy was closed. the emerging threat comes as the president and his security team will meet tomorrow on how to plug homes in aviatio
on that point. our jeanne meserve joins us from washington with this developing story, and, jeanne, what you're about to reveal may be very concerning to some people. >> reporter: well, it certainly is to this privacy group, which says that the government has misled the public about exactly what those full-body imaging machines can do. the images produced by whole-body scanners don't leave much to the imagination. but the transportation security administration has said repeatedly, even on its own website, your privacy will be protected. >> the system has no way to save, transmit or print the image. >> reporter: a release says the machines have zero storage capability, but a tsa document written just three months earlier, spelling out requirements for potential manufacturers, said the machines had to have the capability to capture images of nonpassengers for training and evaluation purposes. the document was retained by epic, the electronic privacy information center. >> we think it's obvious the machines are designed to record images. >> reporter: the tsa's been lying? >> yes. i would use a
about everything in washington. in the home stretch, things are getting ugly. >> people, man, it's that -- you know, people are just plain angry. >> our jim acosta is live in boston with voter reaction and our political panel is looking at this critical race. >>> one week ago today a powerful earthquake turned haiti into literally a living hell. this morning food, water and medical supplies are still too slow to reach the people of parta prince. the airport is bypassing a log jam at the airport and parachuting tons of supplies directly to survivors. meanwhile, the streets of port-au-prince are becoming more dangerous. looting is now out of control and sadly toothpaste is in high demand, not for brushing teeth but to put it under their noses to mask the smell of bodies. the u.s. government is relaxing regulations making it easy for people to temporarily adopt tens of thousands of haitian children and americans are donating more than $200 million to help the people of haiti. >>> 200,000 people may have been killed in the earthquake and more than 70,000 bodies have already been reco
and what he will do to change the tone in washington. >> we face big and difficult challenges. >> reporter: just watch the lines. democrats in blue, republicans in red, independents, yellow. and you can see how worried these voters are about jobs and economic insecurity. >> so i any the anxiety that's are out there right now. they're not new. >> reporter: here in ohio, there's almost 11% unemployment. in this group alone, eight of the 30 are unemployed. no surprise then that big winners for president obama were promises to create jobs -- >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> reporter: and proposals to cut taxes, families trying to get ahead. >> and give families a $10,000 tax credit for four years of college. >> reporter: clarence das is a republican. >> i was happy about it. >> reporter: you wanted immediate action and concrete propose ams. >> and i think he delivered on that. >> reporter: big areas of division? health care reform. >> i didn't take on health care because it was good politics. >> reporter: look at reaction
. >> hopefully they'll be enough. rob marciano this morning, thanks. >>> mr. brown goes to washington today, massachusetts senator-elect scott brown will go to capitol hill. democrats are still reeling from the upset that stripped away their filibuster-proof majority and left them with ways scrambling to salvage health care reform. brianna keiler will be live from the capitol coming up in the 8:00 hour. >>> and it's cindy mccain like you've never seen her before, appearing in an ad supporting same-sex marriage in california. no hate, a gay rights group is challenging prop 8 passed by california voters. mccain's daughter posed for no hate last summer. john mccain says he respects the views of his family members but remains opposed. >>> and a $15,000 check to the clinton-bush haiti fund, the obamas have been inspired by the way millions of americans have responded to the crisis, even in these tough economic times. >>> and we're following the unfolding human suffering again in haiti, right now a second wave of people are succumbing to infections and gangrene, people that could have been saved
into this this morning, in washington with an "a.m. original" for us. good morning, carol. >> reporter: i know what you're thinking. jobs available in manufacturing? get real. well i'm not talking about making winlg eltdgetwidgets, th away, but welding, engineering, electrical work, plumbing, or something else, right now employers are desperately seeking people who use their brains to make or fix something with their hands. the problem? america's just not into that anymore. >> reporter: in the '80s movie "flashdance," alexandra owens can't wait to leave blue collar work behind. good-bye welding torch, hello fame. it neatly sums up where we are today. she graduated with a degree in public relations in 2008. she has yet to find a job. and even though she's struggling economically, the thought of taking this time to learn a trade is incomprehensible. >> is there some kind of negative connotation to it? >> i think there is a lot of pressure to go to college and to get the typical day job and that isn't the working with your hands field. >> let's face it. there's little real passion for becoming electrician
to work. imagine if the white house in washington were destroyed in an earthquake. the horrors of that are exactly what the haitian people are going through. the physical and symbolic devastation is very raw. this area has been the site of haitian leaders since the 1700s. but this palace wasn't built until the early 1900s. construction began in 1914 but it's been destroyed before. the site was burned down in 1915 by mobs who assassinated the president. it's been the home of many skoun drals. the current president is rene preval. he wasn't here when the earthquake happened. but it's unknown how many people died inside. to make things even worse the parliament building was also destroyed. and the equivalent of the u.s. supreme court, the palace of justice, also flattened. >> it's a catastrophe. but we are working with the help of the international community to rebuild the country. >> reporter: in addition, pass is home to classified information too dangerous to look for right now. the equivalent of the chief of staff. is there concern for the confidential information in the pala
be a beautiful thing. here's a view from on top of mt. washington in new hampshire. the photo he was taken by meteorologist brian clark who mans the observatory up there, 365 days a year. it is the tallest mountain in the northeast, some 6200 feet up. also the highest recorded wind speed in the united states. what a sight and what extreme weather up on mt. washington. >> just gorgeous to look at. >>> in a few hours president obama will address the nation hours after the white house will release a declassified account of the missteps that allowed a nigerian man to board a christmas day flight to detroit determined to blow that flight up. umar farouk abdulmutallab has been indicted by a grand jury in michigan. deborah feyerick has more. >> reporter: the grand jury hand out, abdulmutallab expected to be arraigned in federal court tomorrow. among the charges? he used a weapon of mass destruction in an attempt to blow up a u.s. jetliner, also attempted murder of some 290 people who are on board of plane at the time he detonated the device. new and significant in the indictment, that he used tat
washington accountable for passing the biggest spending bill in history. what are you getting for something that cost more than the louisiana purchase, and the race to the moon combined? christine romans joins us in seven minutes. >>> search teams are looking for survivors after an ethiopian airlines jet crashed into the mediterranean sea overnight. it was a boeing 737 and reportedly went down in flames minutes after taking off from lebanon. 90 passengers and crew were on board. the crash is believed to be weather related. >>> and crews near port author texas are looking to clean up an oil spill this morning. an 800-foot tanker collided with two barges. it happened on saturday, leaking about 460,000 gallons of crude. so far 46,000 gallons have been removed. it is the largest spill in texas since 1994. >>> and the saints are marching to the super bowl. for the first time in the franchise's 42-year history. just five years ago, hurricane katrina badly damaged the superdome. there was no power, plumbing, major damage, but the saints are back. they'll face the indianapolis colts. super bowl xli
washington to share his story with us. thanks so much for joining us this morning, rick. >> good morning, kiran. >> so 50 hours trapped in a space that was probably, what, the size of a coffin. how did you make it? >> it was very difficult. we were -- we were in a space basically five foot by eight foot. and about three foot high. rubble, concrete, all around us. pitch-dark. i think we made it because we talked to each other, we helped each other, and we had this hope that we would be rescued at some point. >> yeah, and when -- first of all, i can imagine the shock when it first happened. did you guys realize what happened, and how did those first two hours transpire? >> oh, it was incredible. we were walking through the lobby of the hotel montana and then all of a sudden i saw one of the chandeliers swing. and before it even made its way down, just everything crashed and collapsed on top of us. we -- we were in, i think all fell in about the same direction. immediately we were looking around talking to each other, trying to see if everyone was okay. unfortunately two of my colleagues we
. a brand-new cnn research corporation poll shows most people seem to approve of how washington is spending the money. 62% of those asked approve of spending dollars on mass transit, only 36% disapprove. >> tim geithner trying to set the record state about the stimulus. christine romans had a chance to sit down exclusively with tim geithner yesterday. >> he kept trying to push forward to job, get on the president's message. this was a very solid, solid performance by the treasury secretary trying to show that he is confident and that he is proud of the decisions he made. i asked him many times how can he be an effective steward of the president's policies and the president's agenda with so many still second guessing his moves during the bailouts. >> i will carry for my life the burdens and decisions we made in that context. as i said yesterday and said consistently, and i think the record will show this, we looked at all alternatives, there was no alternative except default and collapse, much greater expense to the pax payer than the one we chose. we think we did what was in the best intere
risk, using high leverage, coupling that with weak oversight from washington, and what went wrong. these are the four big bankers that many people say are at the heart of the crisis, of creating this situation, of excessive risk in the system. and what do these people think about what happened. so this is going to be pretty important, john and kiran. i don't think you're going to see recommendations about what to do next. we've got a lot of political recommendations out there. this is going to lay out what went wrong, who's at fault, and i think these four gentlemen can face some very, very tough questioning over the next days and months. >> it's interesting it dovetails into the proposed tax to get some money back from t.a.r.p.. christine romans minding your business for us this morning. thanks. >>> when we come back, information is very hard getting in and out of haiti right now because of course the devastation there after the earthquake. a lot of information that was coming from everyday people using their cell phones. we'll check in with our haiti desk for these ireports. ( m
it from washington, the senior director of international response and programs for the american red cross. with me here in new york, dr. barbara debono. she worked with the tsunami in south asia. nan, let's begin with you. was the situation for your organization on the ground and on the ground more broadly as you understand it? i read something this morning that says that the red cross has already run out of supplies. >> well, it's true. we had very limited supplies in our office and in our staff's home in port-au-prince. as soon as the earthquake hit, our staff took what we had in our office and were handing it out and working with people on the streets. it was a very limited supply. it's natural it's gone. but of course across the entire city supplies have dried up, both relief supplies, water, food, and medical relief effor. >> so dr. debono what you come to a crisis like this, were you at the tsunami in 2004, you know how to mount a response like this, you look at the extent of the devastation, the number of people displaced, the number of people in desperate need and you wonder, whe
talked to hillary shelton yesterday who is the head of the naacp's washington bureau and he said on their report card. for instance, trent lott "f" in terms of the issues the naacp lays out. harry reid, a. lot, you had someone praising senator strom thurmond saying if he would have been president, this country would have been better. apples to oranges. it's a question of context and what someone said. reid's comment were ridiculous in the sense, his whole notion of and also laying out why folks would have voted for obama. now, general colin powell. in 1995 made the exact same comment that, why would people potentially vote for him for president and he said because he was light skinned and, frankly, he talked white. in essence, that's how people actually perceive it. i think as journalists, what we have to say is, wait a minute, let's compare what people say, let's compare in contrast and what is the context. look, their history when it comes to african-americans and the issues are not the same and, frankly, that's one reason why democrats are able to get that pass because of that
. a nationwide contingent to help open doors to washington's elite. that's harry reid celebrating the health care bill, and who is that standing next to him? loretta johnson. the only non-senator to speak that night. she is warmly welcomed by lawmakers and she is a lobbyists, and she is backed by a powerful union, and that means something. johnson says she has met with -- >> at least half of the congressman and half of the senators. >> people who represent various interests in our society have a lot of information to share. we find useful the information that is provided. >> critics are not surprised by the union's access to lawmakers. but they are surprised to the union's access to president obama, a president that made a big deal about not working with lobbyists. but the visitor logs show union boss and andrew stern visited the white house 22 times. and although the union is lobbying for health care reform, stern is not, because he is not a registered lobbyists, and he deregistered in 2007. they say that's a violation of the lobbying disclosure act. >> they petitioned the attorney to investigat
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